The Emperor Hotel, taking pride in providing a dynamic and outstanding service to its guests reshaped its story by moving to a different location in Hong Kong’s Happy Valley region, which is a dominantly residential area. A crucial matter for The Emperor Hotel is sustaining its claim of providing an exclusive and top-end experience and to generate fresh excitement for guests who are accustomed to receiving this special service. At this point, the special setup, which Autoban has created through its multi-layered narrative language and design approach, and which harbors both authenticity and holism, manifests itself in this project.

The functions that the approximately 30-floored structure consists of are the 299 rooms, the Michelin starred “Golden Valley” restaurant, the “Monkey Cafe” which provides a relatively more relaxed environment for all-day recreation, a very large lobby area and general areas of utilization. The most prominent design approach of the project embodies the possibility to create personalized and unique stories. The characteristic of spaces designed with the expertise of Autoban, is the creation of maximum comfort within the minimum square meter.

One important component of the approach presented by Autoban in order to provide a modest yet comfortable experience, are the shell design that encapsulates the bed and the wet area design. This multi-layered structure which is reflected on the experience within the rooms, also manifests itself in the designs of the Golden Valley and the Monkey Cafe. The large tables and the special dining areas furnished within the in-between passages and the expanse of the Golden Valley, make a reference to the collective and harmonious dining culture of the Far East and reflects the characteristics of the location and culture on to the design.

The application details which emanates from all of the wooden forms and furniture used within the structure, reflects on the user experience as a signifier of Autoban’s attention for detail, which is one of the principal elements of the studio’s expertise in design, and also its command of the phases of production.

  • Total area 10.000 sqm, 299 Rooms, Resturant
  • Client Emperor Group
  • Interior design Autoban
  • Photography Provided by the client

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