'Monolith' for Gala Modern

Autoban designed ‘Monolith’ - a sculpture-furniture- for Istanbul Modern’s annual ‘Gala Modern’ event and auction to support the institution’s educational program. Monolith was sold at the auction to the highest bidder on the spot, doing its share in raising money for children's education.

Autoban admires innovative materials and the unusual use of ordinary materials. The studio’s approach to design is based on revealing the potential of a material and pushing it beyond its limits using both artisan techniques and modern technology. Autoban challenges boundaries with intuitive instinct and mastery in order to uncover the full potential of materials. “MONOLITH” is a sculpture designed as a marble Bobo doll that moves with user interaction but remains upright on its own. The work reflects Autoban’s fundamental approach to design through the parameters of material, mass, scale and modern technology.

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